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The 67th International Student Conference (ISC67) is looking for International Participants

Our partner organization the International Student Conference provided the following information about its summer program. While this is not a study abroad opportunity, students from around the world are encouraged to apply and attend because it provides a forum to communicate with other students and educators that may lead to future study abroad opportunities.

The 67th International Student Conference (ISC67) is looking for International Participants to join their program this summer!

The International Student Conference (ISC) has opened applications for international resident students (those who are residing outside of Japan). If you are interested in spreading awareness on certain issues among the global student community and organizing discussions, this is your chance to actualize your ideas by becoming one of the participants at ISC67, which will be held consecutively between May and August of 2021! All meetings will be online this year due to the pandemic. Please refer to the guideline and apply via the links provided below until March 17th. Guideline: Application: At ISC67, there are five table topics presented by five table chiefs, all related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including: Table 1 Political Activism and Participation: Why They Take Part in Politics Table 2 Nuclear Politics: What We Can Do for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons Table 3 Food Security: How the Global Government Should Sustainably Feed 8 Billion Table 4 Migrant Laborers: Rethinking Migrant Labor Rights in The Pandemic Table 5 Participatory Urban Planning: Developing Inclusivity & Accessibility in the Globalized Cities Participants can choose one topic to focus on and, as a table, they will take their discussions into action by presenting the discussion outcome to the general public to contribute meaningfully to the world. They hope to resolve some of the world’s most difficult challenges while remaining original and creative in the process. Each table consists of about 10 participants from worldwide with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, enabling our participants to engage in thought-provoking and meaningful discussions. Check out the links below for more information! Table Topics: Get in touch with ISC67:

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